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LEADS in Action

Succession Management Toolkit

Succession management is a proactive strategy to managing talent that is aligned with an organization’s vision and strategic direction. It involves identifying high potential employees for anticipated organizational needs and developing them for a leadership pipeline.

LEADS Canada is pleased to partner with Hamilton Health Sciences in offering and delivering the LEADS in Action: Succession Management Toolkit to support your succession planning needs.

The Succession Management Toolkit developed by Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) is based on best practice evidence, HHS experience and application. It provides leaders with approaches, tools, and templates that guide organizations to assess, evaluate, and develop their top talent; those who wish to grow their leadership potential and career within the organization. Building internal top talent retains top performers, builds leadership capacity, and preserves experiential knowledge only obtained by existing talent.


The Program

Is This Right for You?



The four key program steps are designed to identify and develop talent:

This foundation rests on LEADS in a Caring Environment framework which should already underpin your organizational talent strategies and programming.

The first step is to complete a needs assessment survey to guide refection and enable organizations to confirm their readiness to proceed with the LEADS in Action: Succession Management Toolkit.

If the needs assessment does not confirm readiness to proceed with the toolkit, we offer consultation to help you explore readiness considerations in greater depth, including a gap analysis. If the needs assessment confirms readiness, we offer packages with increasing levels of support.

The Needs Assessment

Through the link below, you can complete the needs assessment. At the end of the survey, you will receive one of three responses:

  • Your organization is ready to proceed with the purchase of the toolkit.
  • Your organization is NOT ready to proceed at this time with toolkit.
  • Your answers are inconclusive.

Your will then be directed to contact us for your next steps.


Package Levels
(prices do not include taxes)

Level One: $2,500
Includes the Toolkit, and an orientation webinar

Level Two: $3,250
Includes the Toolkit, orientation webinar, and virtual consultation support (1.5 hours)

Level Three: $5,350
Includes the Toolkit, orientation webinar, and virtual consultation support (8.5 hours)

If you have questions about the needs assessment or the LEADS in Action: Succession Management Toolkit , please contact:

Brenda Lammi
Director, Professional and Leadership Development
Canadian College of Health Leaders
1-800-363-9056 ext. 215