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The LEADS Collaborative supports the growing interest in the adoption, integration and sustainability of the LEADS in a Caring Environment (LEADS) leadership capabilities framework across Canada and represents a partnership between the Canadian College of Health Leaders, CHLNet, Royal Roads University and Dr. Graham Dickson. 
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The purpose of the LEADS Collaborative is to provide a trusted portal for LEADS products and services to support healthcare organizations develop, adopt and sustain leadership development programs within the LEADS framework.

The LEADS Operations Council oversees the promotion of innovation and high-quality services provided through the LEADS Collaborative . The LEADS Collaborative also ensures the integrity and currency of the framework through research and development overseen by the LEADS Framework Governance Group.

The LEADS Collaborative has attracted a team of high quality executive coaches and faculty to deliver LEADS products and services and to seamlessly support the integration and adoption of the LEADS framework as a leadership development platform and change management tool in Canadian healthcare.


Community for Practice

LEADS Community for Practice Forum

Knowledge Generation and Exchange

The online LEADS Community for Practice enables members to interact with others across Canada who are also using LEADS in a variety of ways and settings. Membership in the LEADS Community for Practice provides access to discussion forums, leadership development research articles and LEADS resources. Members are encouraged to share their resources, experiences and learnings on the implementation and integration of LEADS to facilitate its’ use in new settings and in new ways.

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Accreditation Canada has implemented the Leads framework by providing 360 feedback to management, incorporating it in its ongoing performance appraisal process and reaching out to all staff through education sessions. We have found the initiatives to support us in having a common language, setting goals, building a succession plan for the organization and increasing collaboration within the organization. It is important to recognize that it should be relevant to everyone in the organization to really build leadership at all levels.

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Bringing Leadership to Life in Health : LEADS in a Caring Environment

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by Graham Dickson and Bill Tholl

This book describes what it means to be a leader in today's workd and the key challenges to better leadership in our health system.

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- September 21, 2015

CHLNet/LEADS Collaborative Webinar: Succession Planning!

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Recording of this webinar available soon!

Access to this free, interactive session for CHLNet Network Partners and LEADS Collaborative clients provides a case study with practical tools to build your organization’s people strategy. Sandra Ramelli from Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) will share a few tools used in their succession pipeline including templates for succession management assessment and talent review.
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SAVE THE DATE - June 8, 2016

LEADS Collaborative Community for Practice Exchange Day

The third annual LEADS Collaborative Community for Practice Exchange Day will take place in our beautiful capital city, Ottawa Ontario, on June 8 following the National Health Leadership Conference. Be part of this exciting day and leave with tangible tools and information to enhance leadership capacity in your organization.
More information coming soon!



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